come home

There is an ache, a longing, a spark at the core of every being. Let us bend our ears, open our hearts and listen.

There is a place in every Being that has never forgotten. That never can. This spark that contains all the Universes, all the cosmos; the seed of Cosmic Love that is the kernel of everything; that fuels our every heartbeat.

And it is here. Right now.

Let us dive together.

grounded awakening

Helen has integrated many healing streams, allowing all to blend and merge into an organically and Divinely guided space of Presence, Love and Wholeness as she supports us into deeper alignment with our own essence.

Her personal devotion to awakening and to a grounded evolution of consciousness is the foundation for all that comes through her. Her approach is rooted in simplicity and Presence as Love.

in service to Love

For over two decades, Helen has supported the healing and awakening journeys of many, many beings. She offers her Self in service to Love, merging all of her healing tools, wisdom, gifts and ongoing learning in an intuitive flow that is Divinely directed in the highest interests of each co-creator.

Her particular affinity and calling is to alight frequencies of the Cosmic Divine Feminine in humanity.

She facilitates intuitive high vibrational energy healing and deepening in Presence, often in collective gatherings as well as one to one.

Through our multi-dimensional Selves; light/love transmissions; Sacred sound and light language; writings and other expressions, exploration of the Being is supported to move into greater wholeness and deep and pure embodiment of Divinity.


"I was drawn to Helen by the calmness and serenity that she radiates. It was obvious to me that my path had to be explored with her help and guidance. I'm continuing to receive insight and clarity and I can't imagine a safer pair of hands to guide me. You have my profound gratitude." - John, fitness trainer

"Helen was a luminous facilitator for those on the retreat. The healing and spiritual rituals and attunements were conducted with grace and deep respect for the participants and for the Light for which she is a channel. For me this was a wonderful healing and spiritually uplifting week.  The immediate benefit to me is a feeling of spiritual realignment and a strengthening of the connection to the divine. Some physical problems have resolved, I feel more centred, have more clarity of mind and I feel reinvigorated spiritually –keen to go deeper with spirit in my daily practice and in my daily activities." - Stan, yoga teacher

gatherings and co-creations

soul writings

"We are continually emanating in tandem with the formless That which evolves All. There is omnipresent wordless communion. Nothing is unseen. Not our darkest thoughts, most shamed places. Nor our kindest actions. We exist in the holograph of the multiverse, continually vibrating between formless and form. Life is watching, breathing, stretching and simultaneously just IS."

come explore....