embodied awakening

What does embodied awakening mean for you?

  • Are you living your greatest life?
  • Do you sometimes feel challenges with the seeming paradox of old patterning and beliefs continuing to show up?
  • Do you know in your core that you are here to awaken, evolve and bring this to the evolution of all?
  • Are you exploring who you truly are and committed to deeper authenticity in your life?
  • Would you benefit from the wise and loving guidance of a trusted healer and guide?

Awakening to our true nature is precious, yet just part of the story of being here in a body. In this wave of collective awakening, we are seeing the greater integration of feminine and masculine - form and formless. So with each realisation of our Divinity this is invited to permeate and penetrate our bodies and minds. And then , naturally and inevitably, we meet further layers where patterning has been lodged, pain, wounds and shadow aspects.

Healing is coming to wholeness. The wholeness and union of Divinity in form - Divinity which INCLUDES all aspects of human-ness - from how we relate intimately with our Self and others; how we create and express in the world; our work and play; our health and wellbeing.

Helen's greatest gift is in supporting our embodiment as multi dimensional beings. What it is to be a Cosmic Being, here in a human body for a moment; the profound challenges inherent in this journey and how to meet these - and ourSelves with greater and greater Grace.

Sessions with Helen can assist with all of this. Her approach specifically embraces our multi dimensional nature so that expansion and solutions emerge from the deepest field. We work across timelines and dimensions as guided. Embodied soul support and transformational coaching is a core element of Helen's work as a guide with all of us who seek more whole-ness, alignment and are exploring our experience of Life.

What might a session look and feel like?

The meeting happens in a powerfully loving and transformative healing space which facilitates a return to oneness and deeper awakening to and embodiment of Divine consciousness. This foundation of Presence as Pure Love underpins our work, whatever the topic.

A session may involve the combination of listening, dialogue, high vibrational energy work, meditation, exploration, Presence, activations, clearings and other tools as guided and appropriate. Sessions can take place via online video call, remotely or in person and generally last about an hour. It is warmly recommended to explore a program of at least three sessions to support the deepest work and integration, though single sessions are also available.

Helen draws on her many learnings, professional trainings and experience in the healing arts, counselling, therapeutic and guiding roles for several decades, all founded in her deep spiritual commitment and exploration. All of this work involves integrating as fully as possible a lifes' learning, supported by energy work as appropriate, and grounded absolutely in the requirements of the Being in the moment.

Sessions can take place via online video call, remotely or in person and generally last about an hour. It is warmly recommended to explore a program of at least three sessions to support the deepest work and integration, though single sessions are also available.

Helen is passionate about connecting on a soul level to explore how each of us can find the next steps on our unique unfolding path. Helen has worked for several decades in one to one roles supporting individuals to access their fullest potential in many different settings. In counselling and supportive roles, she has worked with people across a great spectrum from chronic illness and mental health issues to committed and experienced spiritual seekers.

"My primary objective in working with you, and so much more is being realized.  Self recognition, claiming my power, deconstructing attachment to mental processes while using them more effectively. Our last meeting was such an incredible breakthrough because of the way you intuit what/where my growing edge is.  You present a challenge I can stretch out to and experience palpable results, not too far--not too little, but right at the sweet spot. As we explore the entire range of feelings and emotions, we enter into the purity of the energies beyond the contraction of any story so that the healing arises from a place of unfettered Presence.

I am experiencing confidence as never before-confidence in the perfection of my life's trajectory, beholding with awe and with quiet reflection how this arrow shot from the Infinite flies truly towards its only possible destination--the Open Space of Unfolding."   - Eli,

Sessions and programs

Basic three session package

This work is founded in connection. With your greater commitment to going deeper we can build on the changes that unfold from the beginning and ground much greater shifts, anchoring through energetic, emotional and physical levels. It is recommended to have the sessions within a six week period, though this is of course open to how the work evolves.

A FREE 15 minute discovery call can first be booked to explore our mutual resonance and the best fit.

basic package $432

reduced to $355


Six session package

We have the opportunity to work deeply on aspects that may have been with you throughout your life and to practise strategies to really anchor the new ways of being. Withthis level of in depth work and support, you will witness tangible and surprising shifts that vitally, will not be lost when in the challenges of daily life.

going deeper: six session package $864

reduced to $666


One individual embodied awakening coaching/healing session - zoom call, remote or in person. ~ $144

If we are new to working together, or if there is a specific area that has arisen with which you'd like support, this gives us the opportunity to focus on that. Sessions can be video call or remote, wherever you are and typically last about an hour. Reduced rate is available on request and for locals.

Please note that if sessions are cancelled with less than twenty four hours notice, there is no refund (other than extraordinary circumstances).


Embodied light monthly mentoring

To have an anam cara - "soul friend" in Gaelic is such a blessing on this walk of Life. We all have busy lives and even though our spiritual growth may be a priority, we can tend to let other things take our time and energy. We may seek a healing session when things become particularly challenging or intense or our body is communicating pain. When we make a commitment to stay in the exploration with the support and witnessing of a trusted guide, we are saying a greater YES to LIfe, to ourSelves, no matter what.

If you have already been working with Helen then you can join the membership program. This allows us to go further in the enquiry of wholeness; to address cores issues and to invite unknown levels of consciousness as your system adapts and changes.

This is a month to month basis , so can be cancelled at any time, yet gives you discounts and special access not only to one to one sessions but also to online and [hysical events.

Your membership brings you:

  • One INDIVIDUAL session with Helen each month
  • Private email support of up to once a week.
  • Special offers on events

embodied light membership - $100 monthly

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