Embodied Light Circles 2019

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Come and participate in this wonderful collective healing and light space. Bring your open heart and join us for profound relaxation and core transformation that supports evolultion of your own embodiment; the group and humanity. We marry mindful movement, stillness and resting; guided meditation, silence and receiving healing vibrations.

Together we open a space of transformative group clearing and healing and a profoundly loving and nourishing experience for the soul. Helen facilitates and co-creates a space for deep alignment, surrender and expansion at multi levela. As One we are supported by powerful Divine frequencies of Light to move through our stories and patterns and to step fully into our limitless potential. Release old patterns and beliefs and Be more of YOU now, supported by the loving power and intelligence of the highest light frequencies flowing to us.

So whether you simply want to let go deeply and be bathed in healing energy or are ready for core shifts this is a unique opportunity. All that is asked of you is to lie down, relax and receive. The more of us in the group, the more powerful the shifts! No experience necessary.

Helen Quail has worked as an intuitive energy healer and facilitator for over twenty years and led events globally. She is one of only a handful of UK Light Grids practitioners and integrates numerous tools of light and healing to facilitate profound space for both “personal”, group and collective clearing and expansion, through Love.

Weekly gatherings.

Contact Helen to inquire. $15 - 25 love donation

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