events, gatherings and co-creations

Helen offers intimate regular groups in USA and Sacred alchemical gatherings globally in places as diverse as Egypt, Glastonbury, Bali, Spain, Scotland, Hawaii, Netherlands, North America and Germany.

All of Helen's work is grounded in the foundation of our mutual calling and co-creation as equal participants and expressions of the Divine, each with our own unique keys to bring to the unified field.

This applies whether in one to one sessions, online and virtual events or large gatherings. We tend to be magnetised together through soul resonance with an intelligence that is sublime. All come in response to a call.

If you would you like Helen to facilitate a gathering close to you, please contact us to discuss.


"It was of the most powerful Spirit-filled afternoons I have spent in a long time. Helen, you are amazing!...and what a humble setting for greatness to flow through someone. I feel so fortunate to have been in the room while you brought to everyone there your incredible intuitive and peace giving power." - Craig, CEO, California

let's gather

regular groups

When we gather with a shared intention and connect to Unity consciousness, with humble and open hearts, we exponentially increase what is possible in terms of expanding our own alignment with awareness as Love and consciousness. Whether exploring meditation, learning healing or soaking in a transformative space of Presence and Love, it is Helen's soul's passion to co create together. It is together that we change this planet and beyond.

Since first dedicating to a path of service and awakening, a central tenet in Helen's journey has been that of connection. We choose to come into human form in order to bring Divinity into the physical, into full embodiment and through the sacrament of relationship of all kinds. It is the juice and magic of our interconnectedness that builds the framework for miracle. This is the time of Divine Union on all levels; inner and outer; masculine and feminine; as above so below.

Embodied Light groups are now being held in Mount Shasta, California and other locations by invitation.

embodied light circles

global events

Helen relocated to the important planetary gateway of Mount Shasta in Northern California in 2018 for the next cycle of her global work. The alignment with the potency of this location expands and amplifies what comes through her work.

An exciting program of physical and virtual events is in always in evolution and creation. You are welcome to contact Helen to discuss hosting an event in your area. She is now faciltating her embodied light groups around California.


"I felt One with All; at times my body disappeared totally. All there was was this immense intense 'Be-ing'; no time, no space (no borders), 'just' Oneness. At other times there was this experience of being Everything; every sound that was heard, every feeling, a breeze, 'my' body was in me and I was in 'my' body. And then again there was seemingly nothing. Unity. Connection with life itself." - Ariette, Netherlands

UK events

previous events

Reiki teaching

Helen has been working since 1999 professionally as a healer with the energy of Reiki and she has been teaching this healing system since 2006.

She has lineages not only in Usui Reiki but also Karuna Reiki and Angelic Reiki.

Helen offers a full programme of Reiki workshops from Level One (Foundation) to Master Teacher.

planetary transmissions

Since 2013, Helen has been involved in global gatherings to share and ground frequencies of Divine Light. Global light transmissions are a key feature of Helen's work and she facilitates regular events, which have involved thousands of people from around the world.

  • Wednesday weekly healing and light transmission

Every Wednesday since 2013, many gather to attune to a field of light and ascension frequencies. This opens primarily from 9.30pm (UK time) for a minimum of thirty minutes.

  • Cosmic Mother Transmission

This field contributes to the receiving, actualization and anchoring of Cosmic Divine Feminine frequencies that will assist in the flow and evolution of Universal consciousness. Since 1.1.15 a field has been building; creating a space each month to focus on the unprecedented inflow of Cosmic Divine Feminine energies. This has been supported through a series of light transmissions, as well as in person gatherings, and is contributing to the greater expression of entirely "new/unknown" levels of the Divine Feminine in every aspect of Being.

Donations are gratefully received as a love exchange. These can be made. for any amount, through the shop page.

In connection with periodic light activations, Helen has recorded some meditations and transmissions. These are a love offering, accessible on soundcloud.

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