Embodied light retreat

May 17-19th 2019, Mount Shasta, California

Is there a longing in your heart to come to Mount Shasta?

Do you feel a pull to rest and drop deep into your own Being?

Is your deepest devotion to the Mystery of what this Life is?

Would you like to dive deeply into your Self with Helen as your guide?

For You

This heart call is for you, if ~

  • You feel more and more deeply devoted to exploring truth and our Divine essence and what it is to be an awakening being in a human body and life;
  • You care deeply about being a part of evolving consciousness and the human experience;
  • For you, if you feel an inexplicable pull to come to this place. Perhaps there are wisps of memories, perhaps persistent stirrings in heart and soul;
  • You are curious about knowing and unifying the masculine and feminine aspects within your own self, and thus affecting the external environment and relatings
  • For you, if you come alive into peace and connection when in the beauty and vastness of wild nature;
  • You are, male or female, someone who feels drawn to take some precious moments out of daily life with its constant distractions for soul and body nourishment;
  • For you, if you sense a resonance with how Helen orients and expresses her essence in service, and wish to explore the power of our group healing container.

Whether you have visited the area many times or never, this is a precious opportunity to co create our Sacred circle and make a difference not only to your own life, those you live and work with but to All. One action ripples infintely throughtout the web of consciousness. Never underestimate the effect of each shift in awareness; each choice to move and act from a deeper and truer place of Love .

Helen has guided groups exploring their inner and outer worlds in spots such as the Great Pyramid, Glastonbury, Spain, Germany, Scotland, USA and more. Life has now called her to have a base here in the energies of this Sacred mountain and so she is able to offer a first very intimate retreat right here, restricted to just eight participants. Previous retreats and events have attracted people from across Europe and North America, so this is a rare opportunity to work closely with Helen and the group called to gather at the mountain.

"It is very difficult to sum up the wonderful gifts from the retreat and adventures in Spain. These experiences are priceless and can only be given by a highly developed being on the path of love and devotion, who is committed to our collective and individual evolution. Someone wise and fearless who is entrusted to share these precious energies and to inspire others with her grace, presence and wisdom. What an incredible week!" - Carol Ann

Why now?

We all have busy lives, filled with distractions. Slowness, flow and self exploration are undervalued in our achievement- oriented society.

Say yes to the movement within you and the longing to drop deeper into your authentic Self.

Say yes to surrendering to the movment of Life iteself, through each of us.

If you are here, reading this, you are part of the wave that is shaping consciousness and contributing to evolution, each in our own humble and unique ways.

Our time aligns with the peak three day window of the full moon on the 18th. The Full Flower moon or Mother moon is in Scorpio, so perfect for diving deeply. Spring is a wonderful time to visit Mount Shasta. The mountain still has her gleaming mantle of white; weather is generally warm sunny days, though not as hot as high summer, and comfortably cool evenings. The views of the milky way and stars at night from the mountain are absolutely spectacular.

This Sacred place

Mount Shasta is perhaps one of the most transformative and significant energetic points on our planet right now. Her energy is that of pure Love, fierce in her embrace and in her revealing of all that is not true. The mountain is also an important anchor for Divine Union and the various expressions through which we relate to this. It is well known as the home of Telos, guardian of Lemurian energies and a Sacred Apu, paired with Mount Arunchala at Tirinamuvali in India. Mount Shasta is also part of the null and nodes system articulated by Kyron; it is the root chakra of the planet and links intimately with other energetic centres such as Giza and Glastonbury. Beings are called here from all across the world.

Naturally, this is also an area of outstanding beauty, pristine alpine lakes, acres of forest and snow-kissed mountains.

The energies of place here are an immense conduit for deep transformation. You will leave renewed, nourished, expanded and changed in ways you cannot envisage and with tools to healthfully anchor your full grounding of all that unfolds.

Our time together

One of our core themes in our time is Divine union. Mount Shasta is known as "where heaven and earth meet". And this is exactly our exploration. Merging our Divine and human selves; formless and form; masculine and feminine; inner and outer. As above, so below.

As we drop deeply into our hearts, profound release, connection and core transformation can occur. This supports evolution of our own embodiment; the group and humanity. Together we open a space of transformative group clearing and healing and a profoundly loving and nourishing experience for the soul.

As a guide, Helen facilitates the group in continual, deep attunement to its movements. Each of us called to be here heals and evolves personally; as a part of the unified group field, and together for the collective. We come first and foremost because we feel a call, and this is centred in our own Being and what is moving in us. And simultaneously, this is a co-creation, facilitated by Love and guided uniquely by the Beings present. So as we gather and the field builds and opens we explore what arises.

This is a space for deep alignment, surrender and expansion at multiple levels, where we weave stillness, dropping, receiving healing frequencies, meditation and mindful movement. We will spend time directly in the mountain and in nature, in some of the key vortices where we will receive activations and offer ceremony as guided. And we will have our sanctuary time in the healing cabin. In this deep, loving and potent retreat space we release, clear and upgrade our whole systems and receive the optimum frequencies of light coming through the group field and the mountain's vortex.

As One we are supported by powerful Divine frequencies of Light to move through our stories and patterns and to step fully into our limitless potential. Release old patterns and beliefs and Be more of You now, supported by the loving power and intelligence of the highest light frequencies flowing to us.

To assist in your inner preparation take time to reflect and journal on where you are in your life.

What are you ready to release?

What is your body system communicating right now?

What would life look and feel like if you are living in full authentic alignment with your Divine nature?

What makes your heart sing?

What is included?

We come together Friday early evening after settling from our journeys. Of course, the work begins energetically long before we physically meet, so be prepeared for releases and openings as the time comes closer.

We have all weekend to weave and explore our co-creative energies as we meet through open hearts. We will close Sunday late afternoon so that participants can make onward journeys with ease.

Our healing cabin sanctuary will be our Sacred space and we will be out in nature receiving activations and to expand and ground the work. We will have access to exquisitely potent portals, vortices and gateways around the mountain and locally as we are drawn into living ceremony.

Your investment includes all our meetings, ceremonies and activations.

Individual seesions with Helen are not part of the program but you are very welcome to schedule this etiher side of the retreat itself.

You will source your own accomodation and meals and transport. You will be provided with recommendations and information to help you make the most convenient and affordable choices for your own situation. There is a good selection of air b n bs locally, though they can book up, so best reserve as soon as possible.

Fly into Medford, Orgeon, Sacramento or San Francisco. Redding is closest airport but expensive. You might wish to consider car hire, especially if you are extending your stay.

The cabin sanctuary space can also be available to one or two participants at a specially reduced rate in exchange for using the space during the day for our gatherings. And you will get to sleep in the energies! If this is something you are interested in, please let us know when booking.

Our exchange

Your investment for the whole retreat is just


reduced to early bird price of

$333 until April 22nd.

To book your place, a non refundable deposit of $100 is required. or you can pay in full. If you have any questions, just contact Helen or schedule a free fifteen minute discovery call.

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