coming home

"This touched my heart in a way nothing else has. I felt a form of rebirth which resulted in me being clear minded, emotionally balanced and energetically recharged. Words can't convey the profound power behind this guided meditation except to say that my heart felt like it had come home." ~Carolyn

"I felt One with All; at times my body disappeared totally. All there was was this immense intense 'Be-ing'; no time, no space (no borders), 'just' Oneness. At other times there was this experience of being Everything; every sound that was heard, every feeling, a breeze, 'my' body was in me and I was in 'my' body. And then again there was seemingly nothing. Unity. Connection with life itself." - Ariette, Netherlands

pure presence

"Helen’s powerful, yet gentle, transmission of energy pierced through the many layers of illusion and resistance I still held in my field. Her pure presence combined with the nurturing voice of the divine feminine spoke directly to the core of my being. 

After our session, I’ve been able to hear my inner guidance, the voice of my womb, more clearly than ever before. My entire being is now calling for ever deeper alignment with my soul’s desire. Many things need to change in my life and with this level of new level of trust and connection, I feel well prepared to enter the unknown." - Tessa, Finland

ineffable Grace

"You have served me with ineffable grace, compassion and sensitivity. 

So attuned are you to the slightest movements in my interior that the wounded places gladly come out of hiding and soak in the energies of Love.  You display a potent combination of Faith in Being and sure-handed confidence, balanced with a sincere humility and respect for the person in your presence.  

My primary objective in working with you, and so  much more is being realized.  Self recognition, claiming my power, deconstructing attachment to mental processes while using them more effectively.

Our last meeting was such an incredible breakthrough because of the way you intuit what/where my growing edge is.  You present a challenge I can stretch out to and experience palpable results, not too far--not too little, but right at the sweet spot. 

As we explore the entire range of feelings and emotions, we enter into the purity of the energies beyond the contraction of any story so that the healing arises from a place of unfettered Presence.

I am experiencing confidence as never before--confidence in the perfection of my life's trajectory, beholding with awe and with quiet reflection how this arrow shot from the Infinite flies truly towards its only possible destination--the Open Space of Unfolding.  

- Eli, USA

rare gift

"Helen has the rare gift of conveying her deep sense of Spirit and relationship with Source to others in a gentle but pervasive way which leaves the recipient feeling truly Blessed and deeply enriched. I have no hesitation in vouching for her integrity and effectiveness in bringing about significant, life-enhancing change "- Maggi, author, Scotland

"It was of the most powerful Spirit-filled afternoons I have spent in a long time. Helen, you are amazing!...and what a humble setting for greatness to flow through someone. I feel so fortunate to have been in the room while you brought to everyone there your incredible intuitive and peace giving power." - Craig, CEO, California

greatly enrich your life

"Words can't really adequately describe Helen as a therapist - simply being in her presence is very healing! She uses her huge experience to simply 'get out of the way' and allow the healing to happen in whatever way it's supposed to. Whatever capacity you work with Helen in, the experience will greatly enrich your life." - Heather, author & meditation teacher

incredible intuitive and peace-giving power

"It is very difficult to sum up the wonderful gifts from the retreat and adventures in Spain. These experiences are priceless and can only be given by a highly developed being on the path of love and devotion, who is committed to our collective and individual evolution. Someone wise and fearless who is entrusted to share these precious energies and to inspire others with her grace, presence and wisdom. What an incredible week!" - Carol Ann

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