in devotion

intuitive multi dimensional energy healing

Helen holds an intuitive space to channel Divine healing in the way that is perfect in that moment. She integrates and draws upon the modalities or combination of approaches guided for each person and session. Her preference is to allow structures to dissolve and to hold a powerfully loving and transformative healing space which facilitates a return to oneness and full Divine consciousness.

We work across timelines and dimensions as appropriate.

The individual session may include various aspects of dialogue, Presence, light activations, energetic clearings, transmissions, meditation,light grids work, soul coaching, sacred sound and healing and more as guided in the perfect now moment.

codes of light

Helen has a particular alignment with some of the highest levels of Cosmic and galactic frequencies, specifically of the Divine Feminine. Transmissions of these Sacred codes permeate all aspects of her healing and service work.

She holds the principles of deep authenticity and integrity in how this work is integrated.

soul support

Soul support is a core element of Helen's work as a guide with all of us who seek more whole-ness, alignment and are exploring our experience of Life.

Helen is passionate about connecting on a soul level to explore how each of us can find the next steps on our unique unfolding path. She holds a powerfully loving and transformative healing space which facilitates a return to oneness and deeper awakening to and embodiment of Divine consciousness.

Helen's approach embraces our multi dimensional nature so that expansion and solutions emerge from the deepest field. We work across timelines and dimensions as guided.

A session may involve the combination of listening, exploration, Presence, dialogue, high vibrational energy work and other tools as guided and appropriate. Helen draws on her many learnings, professional trainings and experience in counselling, healing, teaching and therapeutic roles for several decades, all founded in her deep spiritual commitment and exploration.All of this work involves integrating as fully as possible a lifes' learning, supported by energy work as appropriate, and grounded absolutely in the requirements of the Being in the moment.

Helen has worked over two decades in one to one roles supporting individuals to access their fullest potential in many different settings and capacities. She has worked with people across a great spectrum from chronic illness  and  mental health issues to committed and experienced spiritual seekers.

Sessions are offered in person or through Skype or zoom, wherever you are in the world at a mutually convenient time.

Skype and remote sessions

As many of us appreciate, physical location is most certainly no obstacle to healing, soul connection and light work. Helen facilitates collective transformations both in person, groups and through global light transmissions, involving many hundreds of people around the planet.

Similarly, personal consultations are available wherever you may be located. They are usually through the vehicle of Skype or zoom and generally for one hour.

If you seek support with any level of your Being, a one to one session could really support and accelerate your journey.


Since first dedicating to a path of service and awakening, a central tenet in Helen's journey has been that of connection. We choose to come into human form in order to bring Divinity into the physical, into full embodiment and through the sacrament of relationship of all kinds.

It is the juice and magic of our interconnectedness that builds the framework for miracle.


Helen has completed training in numerous healing modalities since 1997. She comes forth in a space that is open to Divine flow; that is not restricted to form and each space is unique. She integrates the following high vibrational energies and skills amongst many others:

  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Angel Healing Teacher
  • Isis Healing (Level Four)
  • Light Grids Practitioner
  • Angelic Reiki Practitioner
  • Priestess of the Moon,
  • Kinesiology Professional Practitioner
  • Karuna Reiki Level Two Practitioner
  • Metatronia Therapy Practitioner
  • Sacred sound and tone
  • languages of light  
  • Soul coaching
  • Lightsystem
  • Shamanic techniques
  • Meditation teacher
  • Masters Degree in Adult and Continuing Education
  • stress management and relaxation techniques and more.
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