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personal and collective healing and expansion

2.2 Divine Truth

Online webinar

Sunday 2nd February, 11am PST

It is so vital for us to have soul support on our journey of unfolding evolution. Whether we are blessed with soul friends and family in physical closeness, or online, our conscious coming together is a powerful accelerator of transformation and provides essential support in these times of co-creation.
Helen facilitates a monthly online gathering for us to come together - as soul family, spiritual companions, and Beings who feel called to devote our life to the Divine. Each online webinar has a theme and through meditation, group energy work, clearing, activations and transmissions, we

  • anchor new frequencies of light;
  • come home more to what we truly are and have always been;
  • heal, reveal, grow, elevate;
  • be nourished, inspired and uplifted by the group field, witnessing and collective power
  • be empowered to share and expand more Divine light in our world.

"This touched my heart in a way nothing else has. I felt a form of rebirth which resulted in me being clear minded, emotionally balanced and energetically recharged. Words can't convey the profound power behind this guided meditation except to say that my heart felt like it had come home."

We find ourselves here. This is the cycle of co-creation and awakening in body, in action. The merging of the masculine and feminine principles of Divinity. We are here, entering 2020 which, however we sense, is undoubtedly a turning point and an anchor of great change. 11.1 is an awakening gateway and potent time to come together in Sacred intent.

We live on this planet in an era where conscious and co-creative community is possible in ways and levels it has not been before. There is a gradual collective acceptance that awakening is indeed a shared shift in embodied light. That is not to say that all Beings will awaken as embodied realisations of Divinity; nor that any of us even share similar trajectories, but there is a greater understanding that every shift in frequency and consciousness is a shift in the whole.

Frequency naturally entrains to the highest present. We are literally walking one another home.

Many of us feel in our cells the magnitude of 2020, which has been directly flowing in for many months. And all of us know the call in our hearts to gather with deeply resonant heart and soul family. It is from this true place, extends an invitation for us to show up as vessels of the Mystery, in stillness and vulnerability. Together we open to the Infinite, turn our listening acutely to Her call and offer ourSelves as conduits for the great wave.

You are so welcome to join this online webinar. We come to directly know where we are already and always awake, where we can be no other. And it is from here that we encounter the now; the breathtaking frequencies of light raining upon us; the new freedom and crystalline codes and we meet the growing edges of embodying Source in form. Masculine and Feminine aspects of Divinity merge and balance as we explore living awake.

Through Presence, meditation, group energy work, clearing, activations and transmissions, we listen and follow the Heart and land more thoroughly in this ground of Being as Love. Each of us a unique flavor and melody of Source song, we come together in incandescent harmonies. If you can't attend live, you will receive the recording soon after the call to listen to and absorb at your leisure.

Group meditation - energy clearing - transmissions of light codes - healing - activation

Special offer $22.22

webinar payment options

We come to the moment naked, present and fully open to the organic unfolding and flow of what arises through the particular group field. The calls are live from Mount Shasta, so directly bathed in the unique frequencies of this very significant Sacred spot. Each webinar is unique so you may join as you like each month.

We will go deep and be guided into a deeper connection to our true Divine Self, and our authentic full expression and grounding in the present.

If you can't attend live, you will receive the recording soon after the call. If members of the circle prefer alternate times, we will, of course, explore this to accommodate as many people's circumstances as possible.

These are the times of One-ness, co-creation and collaboration.

Knowing our unlimited nature, embracing our multi-dimensionality.

Join us.

Collective consciousness needs us to show up in our fullness as never before.

For You

Through our unified field and infused with the influx of new light frequencies, we clarify and attune to our core Selves and our unique expression of the Divine form. We get really clear on who we are in our true nature and this provides the foundation of our explorations together.

This heart call is for you, if ~

  • You feel more and more deeply devoted to exploring truth and our Divine essence and what it is to be an awakening being in a human body and life;
  • You care deeply about being a part of evolving consciousness and the human experience
  • You thrive through conscious co creation and connection with resonant souls

This Sacred place

Mount Shasta is one of the most transformative and significant energetic points on our planet tight now. Her energy is that of pure Love, fierce and unyeilding in her embrace and in her revealing of all that is not True. The mountain is an important conduit for Divine Union and the various expressions of this. It is well know as an important guardian of Lemurian frequencies, part of the null and node system and the root chakra of the earth. The energies of place here are an immense conduit for deep transformation. We gather in this field of Love.

Special 11.1 price of $22.22,

with a donation option also, so this is accessible to as many as feel called.

Upcoming call dates

Sunday 2nd February, 11am

Usually the last Sunday monthly at 11am PST

webinar payment options

A recording of the webinar will be made available to all who register, whether or not you are able to attend live.

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